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Word on the mat!

Discover the magic of our community through the voices of our members – because actions speak louder than words

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Lifetime Coachella Yoga, Therapy, & Wellness members Raylene White and John O’Sullivan on what made them start practicing yoga and why they ended up falling in love with it!

Dr. Bergquist

I feel calmer and more focused since starting yoga practice 6 weeks ago. My abdomen is tighter,  my shoulders no longer ache, and my skin is smoother. I look forward to each session. It is something I do just for me, but my family has noticed my improved mood, too.


Out-of-towners from AZ happened to be lucky enough to attend 2 classes here with the most wonderful instructor. Thank You for running such a great business where even people passing through can feel right at home!


Truly a blessing to have such a beautiful, up-lifting, positive yoga community here in the desert. I feel so great whenever I step foot into the studio knowing my experience is going to always be good!


As a 45-year-old attorney, I am accustomed to dealing with this fast-paced, hi-tech world by creating endless lists, engaging in business, and catching up with the news of the day even while exercising. Bikram yoga, however, requires that you completely shut your mind off from the outside world and focus 100% of your mental and physical presence on the class.


We enjoy the intensity and depth of the poses and the enthusiasm and support of all of the instructors. The gains we have experienced in flexibility and strength have been phenomenal. The facility itself is state of the art and beautifully designed, from the absorbent flooring to the immaculate shower facilities. 


Love the atmosphere of this studio! The instructors are super helpful on every level and they tell you what benefits your body is getting during the session.

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