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Lifetime Coachella Yoga, Therapy, & Wellness members Raylene White and John O’Sullivan on what made them start practicing yoga and why they ended up falling in love with it!


“We’ve been to studios all over and this is the nicest one by far….come, join us! We’ll give you a big hug!

– Raylene White

Other Testimonials

"I feel calmer and more focused since starting yoga practice 6 weeks ago. My abdomen is tighter,  my shoulders no longer ache, and my skin is smoother. I look forward to each session. It is something I do just for me, but my family has noticed my improved mood, too. *

Dr. Virginia Bergquist

"This is the first time I tried something and got instant gratification. The morning after my first class I felt great, my usual aches and pains were almost gone that quickly! I’m a regular now.

– Bill P., La Quinta

"I have been experiencing Bikram Yoga for 3 months now and attend twice weekly. I am so excited to have this opportunity.In the short time I have been involved, I have lost 15 pounds, and have gained a tremendous increase in flexibility, (just being able to ’round down’ to cut my toenails more easily). I find additional stamina and focus in all aspects of life. Sleeping through the night comes much more easily as well. The instructors all seem to be very genuine, caring and encouraging in their efforts. The facility is world class. The other people practicing are also nurturing people.

– Paul W., Rancho Mirage


"My new home away from home. Visit often from Chicago and found this gem on my most recent trip. Showed up and by my second day there felt like a regular. Welcoming and warm, the teachers there are great. Can’t wait to come back!

– Cade Mlodinoff


"After several years of working out at the gym, I was unable to match the results with just several months of Bikram Yoga. In just 2 months of Bikram Yoga, I have already achieved 50% of my weight loss goal (20- 25lbs). This Works! I feel calm and more relaxed than I ever have.

– Joe C., Palm Desert


"If you had told me that at age 77 I would be doing Bikram Yoga at 105 degrees and 40% humidity, I would have laughed at you. Well, I’ve been doing it five times a week for the past two months and I haven’t felt this good in 30 years!

 – Ed Monarch, Former Mayor of Indian Wells


“Since I began practicing Bikram Yoga , less than 2 years ago my health has improved phenomenally!

By consistantly practicing, I see the effects of childhood open-heart surgery being reversed,  through greater and more resiliant lung capacity and the improvement and healing of my skeletal-structure reversing the effects of  the surgery. I  have more stamina, increased  flexibility, and drastically improved circulation. This is a small portion of only the physical effects, I feel in better health than I did decades ago, thank you!” –

Leesann Shefa, Bikram Teacher


"I had cervical spine surgery a few months back which involved getting a fusion and an artificial disc. While healing I was limited in doing certain things, one of which was bending over. This caused great tension in my neck and back and loss of flexibility in my back and legs. The teachers at Bikram yoga showed me how to get great relief while still following the doctors’ orders. As I continued to heal and am able to do more. All of the instructors at BYUV are aware of my situation and have been extremely caring. The more I go, the more I realize the best part of the day is walking out of class and feeling absolutely fantastic. It is for this reason that I now know that Bikram needs to be part of my life because as I continue down the road to recovery, I am doing so pain free! It does not get any better than that!!

– Kathy Valentine
(This testimonial was written in 2011 and Kathy remains a loyal practitioner to this day)


“When I started my practice I was 40 years old, 40 pounds overweight with back pain, and unhappy after the end of a serious relationship. Bikram yoga was hot and very challenging.  I hated it, yet I kept coming back. Not really being able to put my finger on why. Now I know…. it was the only place I was not able to bring my phone. It allowed me to clear my mind, forget everything and focus only on me for a brief period of the day and with no judgment and lots of encouragement from the instructors and students. I had no idea how it was transforming my body and mind and building positive new relationships. Now, the back pain and 40 pounds of fat are gone and I’m in the best shape of my life. There are days when I still do not like the class, but I LOVE the way it makes me feel afterwards. So thank you Bikram Yoga!”

– Tomer Meghnagi

“I began practicing Bikram Yoga three months ago and am amazed everyday at the transformation that has taken place – both physically and emotionally.  Bikram Yoga has allowed me to challenge myself with each practice and has proven that with time and dedication anything it possible.  I am amazed to see the increase in my stamina that has occurred in three short months.  I think that one of the best compliments that I have received is from my husband – he has noticed that since I have been practicing my ability to remain calm in situations that I normally would not be calm during.  This practice has truly taught me that you can breathe through any trying situation and you will overcome it.  I know refer to going to yoga as going to “therapy”!

–  Jessica Schroeder


“I just came back from yoga….I am clear headed, happy, spiritual and feel so good about myself. I have never done any type of exercise program because I get bored and now I can’t get enough of this practice. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the age of 63 to find something that will keep me youthful, happy and spiritual. The studio is absolutely beautiful and I love the showers and changing room. I’ve only been doing this for 2- 3 months….I am in HEAVEN. “

– Ellie Weiner


“My wife and I began taking Yoga class at Bikram Yoga University Village in early 2011, and since then we have both become devoted practitioners. We enjoy the intensity and depth of the poses and the enthusiasm and support of all of the instructors. The gains we have experienced in flexibility and strength have been phenomenal. The facility itself is state of the art and beautifully designed, from the absorbent flooring to the immaculate shower facilities. We are extremely pleased to have found Bikram Yoga University Village, and we have strongly recommended our friends to give it a try. “

–  Bob S., Rancho Mirage


“I am hooked. It has been 5 years since I attended my first class at BYUV. Bikram yoga has provided me with something that no other form of exercise has, an environment in which for an hour and a half a day it is all about me and my yoga practice. As a 45 year-old attorney I am accustomed to dealing with this fast-paced, hi-tech world by creating endless lists, engaging in business and catching up with the news of the day even while exercising. Bikram yoga, however, requires that you completely shut your mind off from the outside world and focus 100% of your mental and physical presence on the class.  Although any type of regular exercise has its benefits, those benefits pale in comparison to the satisfaction I have experienced by leaving behind the chaos of daily life for a few hours to physically and mentally challenge myself to advance in my practice. I encourage anyone who is willing to set aside some truly “me” time to try the Introductory Special at BYUV. You too may soon be hooked! “

–  Jacqueline Bailey

“It has been almost 10 months since I started Bikram Yoga practice and I still remember taking my first class. I fell in Love with the challenge that the practice brought to my mind and body, being a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for 16 years my back has plenty of wear and tear,  2 mayor bulging discs that for the past 2 years have kept me from working out at the intensity that I was used to.  In Bikram yoga practice, I have found that intensity without having to put any extra stress on my joints and lower back, my overall posture and flexibility has improved.

The teacher said with her gentle voice and smile that my bulging discs would get better and my back would not hurt as much.  And I am happy to say that I haven’t had an episode where sharp acute pains stop me from moving and living my  life with my lovely seven year old boy.  And with such an active life style I find that attending bikram yoga has brought balance and equilibrium into my life.  I enjoy all of the instructor’s dedication and enthusiasm  and such a beautiful facility. Thank you.”

–  Valeria Batross


“I started classes at BYUVPD about 90 days ago as an out of shape, overweight, middle aged woman.  I’m still middle aged – however I’ve already dropped 15 pounds and can see my body reshaping right before my eyes.  Every instructor at BYUVPD is knowledgeable, welcoming and genuinely cares about each of our practices. I’ve only missed about 14 days since I started and am doing the 30-day challenge right now. I come out of each class stronger and with a huge grin on my face. Bikram Yoga is truly changing my life and I love it! Thank you BYUVPD! Thank you Denise!!”

–  Heni Watson, Palm Desert

“I’m so excited I joined the studio, Missy was amazing and I am looking forward to taking more classes from her as well as other instructors! already re-working my schedule at the salon to fit it into my daily routine. I  LOVE BYUV!!!

–  Madison Mullin


"My new home away from home. Visit often from Chicago and found this gem on my most recent trip. Showed up and by my second day there felt like a regular. Welcoming and warm, the teachers there are great. Can’t wait to come back!”

–  Cade Mlodinoff


“Love this studio and excellent supportive teachers. Very inspiring. So glad we found such a life-changing practice and great environment. A real gem in the Desert! Best gift. Thank you to Jo-Lynn Westley, who recommended BYUV. Thank you to the owners and staff–you are the best.”

–  Pamela Barr 


“Out of towner’s from AZ happened to be lucky enough to attend 2 classes here with the most wonderful instructor. Thank You for running such great business where even people passing through can feel right at home!”

–  Jessica Barone


“Looking forward to the new September schedule. Back to my “practice” and excited to try the new classes. Especially the Trapeze class on Saturday!”

–  Rachel Carreiro


“Every class is consistently great. The place is immaculate. There is nothing worse than going into Bikram and the temperature isn’t right and youre stuck for 90 minutes. Every class I have ever done here is spot on with great instructors.

–  Joanne Lee Cornish 


“Great Bikram light class with Leesann to get me started again!

–  Talia Dawn 


“Truly a blessing to have such a beautiful, up-lifting, positive yoga community here in the desert. I feel so great whenever I step foot into the studio knowing my experience is going to always be good! I recommend BYUV to anyone looking to either start or expand on their yoga journey! Thank you for being here!”

–  Shannon Flynn


“Love the atmosphere of this studio! The instructors are super helpful on every level and they tell you what benefits your body is getting during the session. I absolutely love this bikram studio.”

–  Paul O’Halloran


“Clean. Perfectly hot. Great studio with precise teachers.”

–  Sandi Halloran



*DISCLAIMER: These testimonies are from our clients and they have not been paid to offer their experiences. Your results from a regular yoga practice will vary. Achieving weight loss requires a healthy eating plan including the reduction of calorie intake as well as an exercise routine.

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